early to rise, early to bed

failed to wake up last night for a night in Cubao X

(sorry dad and chowsie!)

because we were so tired from all that parlor stuff.

slept the moment we hit mothership (time check: 8:30 PM)

and already woke up at around 4:30AM, all chirpy and energetic.

so we took advantage and went out of the house.

good morning, commonwealth!!


and finally bought some hair dye

my hair has forever been impossibly black and i wanted to color my hair red for the longest time

(red being the color of love, passion and war  – all of which suits me)

that’s us mouthing – OOOIIILLLYYY.

so, the P500 question is – would i have red hair, finally?


(time check: 12:40 AM and i am waaay to sleepy to start studying again.)



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