today i paint my nails red

something to relax my mind in between articles.

because i need to feel the power again.

red nails make me happy.

wasn’t able to catch chups up and about when i got there.

he has mastered the “how-to-look-like-you’re-studying-when-in-fact-you-are-sleeping” technique.

pusongmaligalig, on the other hand, was up and about.

chups on his natural form.

study time is never complete without a picture of chups sleeping.

caught up with my mom today.

and said hello to berta.

she knew her picture was being taken.

cutie. ❤

and just so we can add more to the pounds: breakfast.

yellow cab in 2 consecutive days.

my body might be thinking of hibernating soon. ang alam ko tapos na ang winter eh.

maybe i should go to football this sunday na for real.


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