food binge

was craving for potato halves by Yellow Cab early this morning, but i don’t think they deliver at 7AM.

decided to do the next best thing: do it my own.

breakfast: potato halves ala bob

or at least, that’s how i think it was made.

but it was good enough. you can never go wrong with cheese, potatoes, butter and sour cream.

the boiling part was long, so hung out in the store with the elders.

that’s mimang telling me to stop buying mentos for the store. no one is buying it.

jups was up and about today. apparently, it was a happy day for him today.

good for you, Chups.

dinner time: Behrouz in Timog.

basmati rice was particularly soft. and the kebabs were not bad at all.

all energized for another round of Constitutional law.

apparently, jupiter begs to disagree.

buhay abobaboy: kain, tulog, aral.

hoping to fix my food binge, ordered caramel sundae.

i can’t even remember the last time i ordered this. yummeh.

hope my binge goes away soon. i can feel my legs expanding by the minute.


One thought on “food binge

  1. waaaah!!! nag Behrouz kayo kanina!!! argh!
    grabe si chupeter amoy kilikili pose pala while sleeping… =)

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